Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Premium Adhesive Pads, Sizs: 2 3/8 X 4 Inches, Tape, Dressing Gauze and Pads

Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Premium Adhesive Pads, Sizs: 2 3/8 X 4 Inches - 5 Ea

To protect wounds such as cuts, burns, abrasions and post-surgical incisions.

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    Nexcare First Aid
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    Nexcare absolute waterproofpremium adhasive pads, sizs: 2 3/8 x 4 inches

    Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Premium Adhesive Pad is a waterproof dressing which consists of a non-stick, absorbent pad bonded to a larger thin film backing coated with a hypoallergenic, water resistant adhesive.

    • Clean and dry wound and surrounding skin thoroughly.
    • Pull wrapper apart and remove the sterile dressing.
    • Peel the printed liner from the paper-framed dressing, exposing the adhesive surface.
    • Lay dressing over wound.
    • Do Not Stretch the dressing when applying.
    • Firmly smooth adhesive border to skin.
    • Remove the paper frame from the dressing while smoothing down the dressing edges.
    • Directions for removal: Gently lift the edge of the dressing and slowly peel from the skin in the direction of hair growth.
    • Change the dressing if:
      • It begins to leak or is no longer sticking to the skin.
      • There are holes in it.
      • New skin has covered the wounds surface.

    There are any signs of infection such as fever, pain, redness, swelling, itching, rash or burning, and consider consulting a health care provider.

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    Salem, Oregon

    Excellent product, used several times a week

    I use this product to protect a time-relaese patch used every 72 hours. In the past the patch became detached in several occasions. Since using this product I am assuring protection and stability.