Pedifix Felt Callus Protectors, 8 Ea

Pedifix Callus Cushions
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Pedifix Felt Callus Protectors

  • Cushion and relieve painful callus.
  • Protect callus from shoe pressure.
  • Felt Corn Protectors Reduce friction on sore areas. Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Made from soft felt. One size fits all.

For best results, wash and thoroughly dry the affected area before application. With Felt Callus Protector's cut-out area placed directly over the callus or blister, press the cushion firmly against your skin to its secure position. Note: If your callus or blister is larger than the product's cut-out area, carefully cut the product in half and place one half of the cushion on each side of your callus or blister. To remove adhesive cushion from skin, soak affected area in warm water. This product may also be adhered to the inside of footwear.


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