Absorbine Jr. Medicated Patch Pain Relief Back Patch, 1 ea

Absorbine Pain Relievers
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Absorbine Jr. Medicated Patch Pain Relief Back Patch 

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  • 5
    Patch-tastic Voyage

    Posted by Daniel Clark on Dec 20th 2023

    These patches take me on a journey from discomfort to tranquility. I close my eyes, and suddenly I’m on a patch-powered spaceship.

  • 5
    Patch Whisperer

    Posted by Luna Zimmerman on Aug 25th 2023

    I’ve mastered the art of patch placement. Left shoulder? Check. Lower back? Double-check. I’m basically a pain-relief feng shui expert.

  • 5
    Patch Picasso

    Posted by Cameron Ellis on Jul 17th 2023

    I’ve considered customizing these patches with glitter or tiny motivational quotes. Because why not make pain relief fabulous?

  • 5
    Portable Comfort

    Posted by Josiah Warren on Apr 27th 2023

    Whether I’m at work, on a hike, or binge-watching Netflix, these patches are my trusty sidekicks. They fit seamlessly under my clothes, and the relief is instant.

  • 5
    Patch Zen

    Posted by David Mitchell on Sep 8th 2022

    I meditate with these patches on. The menthol scent transports me to a serene mountaintop. Namaste, back pain.

  • 5

    Posted by Violet Bennett on Feb 20th 2022

    I’ve tried other patches, but these are the crème de la crème. They’re like mini spa treatments for my spine.

  • 5
    Patch Harmony

    Posted by Jackson Johnson on Jan 16th 2021

    These patches and I are in sync. We’re like a pain-relief choir hitting all the right notes.

  • 5
    Patch Me Up, Scotty!

    Posted by Blake Vasquez on Jun 26th 2020

    These patches are my Star Trek crew. They boldly go where no pain relief has gone before. Engage!

  • 4
    Backstage Pass to Relief

    Posted by Sofia Martin on Mar 19th 2020

    These patches are my VIP ticket to pain-free living. I wear them like badges of honor, knowing I’ve got this battle won.