Flower Essence Flourishing Formula Grace Herbal Supplement Spray, 1 Oz

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Flower Essence flourishing formula grace herbal supplement spray

For women of all ages - a baseline remedy for sustained connection to the soul essence of the feminine in all its aspects.

For regeneration from all reproductive and gynecological-related illness or surgeries can also be added to Self-heal Cream and massaged into key body areas (however, do not apply directly not open wounds); use in alternation or tandem with Magenta Self-Healer for foundational life force healing.

For all biological, cultural and spiritual milestones involving the feminine body and soul including onset of Menstruation, Marriage, Motherhood, Menopause and Wisdom Elder.

For relief work or natural disaster in which the Mother matrix of the feminine is destroyed or damaged: including loss of one's mother, family network or home, destruction of the earth, militarism and occupation by force, rape and subjugation; alternate or use in tandem with Post-Trauma Stabilizer and/or Yarrow Environmental Solution.

The Grace formula features:

Star of Bethlehem - The ability to re-claim and re-member one's divine origin despite trauma, surgery, abuse or loss; the soothing "Mother Star" of the soul that restores and replenishes.

Easter Lily -Integration of sexuality and spirituality as a force of wholeness in the soul according to each individual's life path; healing trauma, abuse or degraded sexual experience which depletes dignity and integrity in the soul; the archetype of Virgin as a pure soul quality of the Divine Feminine.

Mariposa Lily -The warm, nurturing presence of the Mother; the healing of wounds related to one's mother or family or origin, or one's own mothering abilities; the maternal feminine as a positive force in the soul.

Splendid Mariposa Lily -The Mother of the World; the capacity to see all members of the human race as having one Mother; healing trauma related to race, religion, nation, class, ecological disaster or warfare; transcendent forces of feminine mercy and grace for healing miasmic or culturally based disease and illness.

Star Tulip -Sensitive attunement and receptivity; capacity to express the softer "anima" side of the feminine soul; ability to listen at profound levels -remembering dreams, prayer and meditation; creation of a chalice-like vessel in the human soul.

Shasta Lily -Unique and dynamic expression of the feminine in one's individuality; ability to lead the feminine in the outer world without wearing a masculine mask that is false; luminous and creative feminine force.

Fawn Lily -Incarnating the highest spiritual levels of the feminine into the family, community and world; counteracting the tendency to withdraw or retreat (become ice) in order to preserve one's essential feminine purity and delicacy; spiritual vitality and flowing warmth.

Desert Lily -The ability to champion beauty, artistry and feminine grace in the world despite encroaching technology and urbanization; alchemical "water" forces of the feminine that counteract unbalanced expressions of fire and heat (firearms and warfare, technology, global warming, electric pollution, etc.); rejuvenation and rebirth through feminine water alchemy.

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Spray four times daily in mouth or around body. Shake well before use.

*Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

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