Udderly Smooth Udder Cream Jar, Greaseless And Stainless, 12 Oz

Udderly smooth cream
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Udderly smooth udder cream jar, greaseless and stainless

  • A protective coating, useful as an aid for keeping skin soft and supple.
  • Greaseless.
  • Stainless.

Please Read Item Label and Packaging for Recent Product Information.

  • Wash udder and teat parts thoroughly with clean water and soap before each milking to avoid contamination of milk.
  • Use clean individual towels for this purpose.
  • Apply to the udder after each milking, massaging into the skin.
  • For teat cracks apply in sufficient quantity to fill crack and cover surrounding area.
  • Apply uniformly to chafed area and bruises to maintain skin suppleness.
  • For aid in softening swollen udders following calving, apply liberally twice daily with gentle massage.
  • May be used for chapped or chafed skin.
  • Do not use in or near eyes.
  • Do not use on parts affected with cow pox, as such use may contribute to the spread of the infection.
  • Thoroughly wash treated udder and teats with clean water and soap before each milking to avoid contamination of milk.
  • Use clean individual towels for this purpose.
  • Keep this and all medicines out of children's reach.

Plase read all label information carefully on delivery and prior to use.


  • 5
    Rapid Relief

    Posted by Kaden Johnson on Aug 19th 2023

    Soothing Dryness Away It provides rapid relief, soothing away dryness and leaving a comfortable, stainless finish on the skin.

  • 5
    All-Season Salve

    Posted by Anna Alexander on Jun 24th 2023

    Year-Round Comfort This all-season salve provides year-round comfort, protecting skin from winter dryness and summer chafing alike.

  • 4
    Daily Delight

    Posted by Alexis Archer on Oct 9th 2021

    Uncomplicated Skincare Udderly Smooth is a daily delight, offering uncomplicated skincare that fits seamlessly into any routine.

  • 5
    Versatile Virtue

    Posted by Alice Adams on Nov 6th 2020

    Beyond the Farm Udderly Smooths versatile virtue extends beyond the farm, providing excellent skin care for the whole family.

  • 5
    Non-Greasy Nourishment

    Posted by Walter Wolfe on Oct 22nd 2020

    Featherlight Formula The featherlight formula offers non-greasy nourishment, absorbing quickly and leaving my skin feeling naturally soft.

  • 5

    Posted by Weezie on Dec 12th 2019

    Best lotion ever! Never greasy but really absorbing! Makes my hands, elbows and feet feel soft! The package was received with the lid opening and some of the lotion did get out. Making a mess!

  • 5
    Silken Splendor

    Posted by Finnegan Forbes on Dec 7th 2019

    Udderly Smooths Miracle Udderly Smooth Udder Cream is a silken splendor. Its greaseless formula leaves my skin feeling like silk without any residue.

  • 5
    Gentle Giant

    Posted by Cameron Carlson on Jun 15th 2019

    Softness for Sensitive Skin A gentle giant, this cream offers unparalleled softness, even for the most sensitive skin types, without causing irritation.

  • 5
    Economical Elegance

    Posted by Kai Green on Jan 21st 2017

    Affordable Quality This cream brings economical elegance to my skincare, offering affordable quality that competes with luxury brands.