Protec Dynafilter Air Cleaning Humidifier Cartridge For Kaz And Vicks, 3 Pack - 1 Ea

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Protec dynafilter air cleaning humidifier cartridge for kaz and vicks - 3 pack

This Protec dynafilter replacement catridge useful for vicks cool mist humidifier, kaz dynamist humidifier and kaz healthmist humidifier. Captures dust, pollen, odors and tobacco smoke.

Air passing thought the humidifier is filtered through the advanced two-stage DynaFilter system. An exclusive cross-woven polyester weave traps pollen, dust and cigarette smoke.

Fits Models:

  • CVS 4100
  • Kaz DynaMist
  • Kaz HealthMist
  • Vicks V400, V420, V425

A second layer's pulverized coconut-shell activated carbon removes odors and pollutants. The DynaFilter K14 removes 93% of particles as small as pollen from the air.

Unwrap cartridge when ready to use. Remove the outer protective wrap and insert filter cartridge (White Filter Up) into the recess on the motor unit of the humidifier. Gently squeeze cartridge and snap into place.

Under normal environmental conditions, the cartridge should be replaced every two months.

Replacement time will vary depending upon the concentration of pollutants in the air. If you notice a heavy dirt accumulation on the filter or if the humidifier output is significantly reduced, it's time the change to a new DynaFilter!

Note: If the cartridge is not replaced regularly, dust and other pollutants will clog the filter, impair air flow, reduce the efficiency of the humidifier and may damage the motor.