Profoot Triad orthotic insoles for women, fits all, Foot Care

Profoot Triad Orthotic Insoles For Women, Fits All - 1 Pair

Profoot Triad Insoles for Women, relieves knee, leg and back pain.

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    Profoot Insoles
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    Profoot Triad orthotic insoles for women, fits all
    • Clinically proven to relieve knee, leg & back pain.
    • 3 Zones of Support: Heel, arch & ball-of-foot.
    • Now with ultra-fresh for built-in odor protection.
    • Step up to the most advanced insole ever made.
    • Feel dramatic results the minute you step into your shoes using Triad Orthotic Inserts.
    • The triple-action design provides outstanding support and comfort to the three zones of your feet - arches, heels, and balls-of-feet.
    • Triad's superior shock absorption is clinically proven to help relieve knee, leg, and back pain.
    • All common conditions associated with foot fatigue.
    • Triad works great in all types of shoes.


    • Position the Triad so the elevated arch support rests against the inside edge of the shoe and with the molded heel against the back.
    • The support with the Triad log fits into your right shoe.
    • If orthotic slides, peel off covering from tape strips on the bottom of the support and press firmly into shoe.
    • Important: the break-in period for the Triad Orthotic is usually 24-48 hours.
    • Unlike full insoles, Triad orthotics are 3/4 length to allow toes to move freely inside shoes and prevent cramping.
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