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PeriGuard antimicrobial skin protectant ointment , Pain and Fever

Periguard Antimicrobial Skin Protectant Ointment - 3.5 Oz

Protects skin and reduce irritation from urine and feces.

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    PeriGuard Antimicrobial Skin Protectant Ointment

    • PeriGuard is an antimicrobial ointment and skin protectant used to treat patients in hospitals and nursing homes who suffer from Incontinence.
    • This latex free and vitamin enriched perineal care product should be considered as part of a prevention program to treat patients with dry skin and rashes which can occur in the perineum region.
    • PeriGuard antimicrobial ointment protects skin with zinc oxide which aids in the prevention of diaper rash in incontinence patients PeriGuard antimicrobial ointment contains vitamins A, D, and E.
    • When PeriGuard is applied, it leaves skin both soft and supple.
    • The skin of the patient can breathe, and the skin can be effectively monitored by the staff of the nursing home or hospital.
    • If a diaper rash is already present in the patient, PeriGuard should be used to effectively treat the diaper rash.
    • Due to PeriGaurds antimicrobial properties it can help to prevent further infection of the patient, also.
    • Contains zinc oxide for treatment and prevention of diaper rash from incontinence.
    • Protects skin and prevents irritation from urine and feces.
    • Leaves skin soft.

    Keep out of reach of children.

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    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Brown Jenafer Posted on 5/9/2015

    This ointment prootects skin and reduces irritation from urine and feces.

    It is latex free, leaves the skin soft and it effectively treat the diaper rash. It is moderately thick ointment that soothes and protects the irritated area. It also helps the area to heal. It helps the skin protected.

    Kathleen A Wallace Posted on 12/14/2011

    very satisfied

    Easy to order, and quick delivery. very satisfied

    Kathleen A Wallace Posted on 11/30/2011

    very satisfied

    easy to order, and quick delivery. very satisfied

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