Arm And Hammer Spinbrush Pro Series Daily Clean Brush Heads Soft, 2 ea

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Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro Series Daily Clean Brush Heads Soft


  • REMOVE MORE PLAQUE with Spinbrush PRO CLEAN brush heads; up to 70% more than a manual toothbrush in hard-to-reach places
  • DUAL ACTION BRUSH HEAD features oscillating circle (spinner) and sliding plate (scrubber), moving up to  sweeps per minute
  • COLOR WEAR BRISTLES fade with use and help remind you to replace your brush head every 3 months. Replacement heads are compatible on all Spinbrush handles
  • ADA ACCEPTED toothbrush with soft bristles clinically proven to help remove plaque and help reduce
  • Crest Replacement Heads are made for all SpinBrush Pro, Classic and Colors brushes, and are available in matching colors.

To replace brush head: To remove old brush head, twist counterclockwise 90 degrees and pull away from handle. Slide on new head and turn clockwise 90 degrees until arrows are aligned.


  • 5
    Soft Bristles, Tough on Stains

    Posted by Nora Roberts on Nov 12th 2023

    Coffee stains? Wine stains? Not anymore.

  • 5
    Gentle on Gums, Tough on Plaque!

    Posted by Victoria Flores on Mar 15th 2023

    These brush heads are a game-changer. The soft bristles feel like a gentle massage on my gums, yet they effectively remove plaque. My teeth feel squeaky clean after each use.

  • 5
    Sensitive Teeth? No Problem!

    Posted by Emma Butler on Feb 14th 2023

    If your teeth are picky, these heads are the answer.

  • 5
    Softies with a Purpose

    Posted by Ryan Mitchell on Dec 20th 2021

    These heads are like whisper-soft hugs for my teeth. But they mean business.

  • 5
    Softness Meets Efficiency

    Posted by Benjamin Evans on Oct 20th 2021

    These brush heads are like marshmallow clouds that clean like warriors.

  • 5
    Softness That Doesn’t Compromise Cleaning

    Posted by Delilah Lewis on Aug 1st 2021

    I was skeptical about soft bristles, but these surprised me. They’re super gentle, yet my teeth feel just as clean as with firmer bristles. Perfect for sensitive gums.

  • 5
    Softness That Packs a Punch

    Posted by Josiah Robinson on Jun 8th 2021

    They’re like velvet against my gums but fierce against plaque.

  • 5
    Soft, Yet Effective

    Posted by Maya Garcia on Apr 24th 2019

    I’ve tried other soft brush heads, but these strike the perfect balance. No compromise on cleanliness.

  • 5
    Softness for Sensitive Souls

    Posted by Isaac Green on Apr 16th 2019

    My teeth are thanking me for this upgrade.