Boost Nutritional Energy Drink, Vanilla Flavor - 8 Oz / Can, 24 Cans

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Boost nutritional energy drink, vanilla flavor:

Boost nutritional energy drink, vanilla flavor can help with great nutrition that's great-tasting. It provides a balance of essential vitamins and minerals to help you stay physically and mentally at your best. You'll get the nutrients you need, where and when you need them, whether you want to feel better or feel like you're living every day to the fullest. Boost is a great meal replacement or between meal snack alternative. Provides 26 vitamins and minerals, with carbohydrates and high-quality protein instead of caffeine, for energy that lasts. Has the added antioxidants beta-carotene, selenium, and vitamins C and E, as well as natural milk calcium, is low in saturated fat, is lactose free and gluten-free. Best of all, you'll receive 100% of the daily value for vitamins and minerals in 1200 calories'or in just five, 8 fluid ounce bottles of Boost not suitable for persons with galactosemia, vanilla flavor may contain gluten.


  • Nutrients for energy to help you lead an active and healthy life.
  • Doctor recommended.
  • Lactose-free - Not suitable for persons with galactosemia.
  • It is easy-to-grip bottle.
  • It has artificial flavor.
  • Boost Nutritional Energy Drink gives you nutrients both for energy and to help maintain your health.
  • No matter what you enjoy doing in life, Boost Nutritional Energy Drink can help you embrace it wholeheartedly.
  • Nutritionally complete.
  • 26 Vitamins and minerals.


Water, Corn Syrup Solids, Sugar, Milk Protein Concentrate, Vegetable Oil, Canola Oils, High Oleic Sunflower Oils, Corn Oils, Soy Lecithin less than 0.5%, Carrageenan less than 0.5%, Salt less than 0.5%, Artificial Flavor less than 0.5%, Vitamin A Palmitate less than 0.5%, Beta-Carotene less than 0.5%, Ascorbic Acid less than 0.5%, Sodium Ascorbate less than 0.5%, Vitamin D3 less than 0.5%, Vitamin E Acetate less than 0.5%, Thiamin Hydrochloride less than 0.5%, Riboflavin less than 0.5%, Niacinamide less than 0.5%, Vitamin B6 Hydrochloride less than 0.5%, Folic Acid less than 0.5%, Choline Bitartrate less than 0.5%, Vitamin B12 less than 0.5%, Biotin less than 0.5%, Calcium Pantothenate less than 0.5%, Vitamin K1 less than 0.5%, Calcium Carbonate less than 0.5%, Ferrous Sulfate less than 0.5%, Potassium Iodide less than 0.5%, Magnesium Phosphate less than 0.5%, Zinc Sulfate less than 0.5%, Cupric Sulfate less than 0.5%, Potassium Citrate less than 0.5%, Potassium Chloride less than 0.5%, Sodium Selenite less than 0.5%, Chromic Chloride less than 0.5%, Sodium Molybdate less than 0.5%, Manganese Sulfate less than 0.5%.


Chill. Shake well. Refrigerate after opening and use within 48 hours.

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