Stash Tea Peppermint Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Bag, 0.7 Oz, 20 Ea

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Stash Tea Peppermint Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Bag 

Introducing our Refreshing Peppermint herbal tea, a single-source Pacific Northwest ingredient, farmed and picked directly from our proverbial backyard. Over 40 years ago, the Stash Tea founders recognized the exceptional quality of peppermint leaves flourishing in the Pacific Northwest, becoming the first to appreciate the regional treasure. Our Refreshing Peppermint tea is a testament to our commitment to quality, featuring the finest Pacific Northwest peppermint leaves, carefully selected for their bold and refreshing flavor.

The comforting scent and lingering fresh flavor of the world's finest mint will keep you light on your toes. Grown in our own Pacific Northwest backyard, we helped introduce peppermint to tea lovers over 40 years ago. Refreshing and aromatic peppermint grown in the Pacific Northwest.

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