Santevia Water Systems Power Pouch with Energy Boost, 24 Ea

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Santevia Water Systems Power Pouch with Energy Boost 
  • Makes up to 10 bottles.
  • Added electrolytes.
  • No added caffeine, sugar or calories.
  • Adds essential minerals.
  • Raises alkalinity (ph). Reduces chlorine by up to 99%

Santevia Water Filtration Systems filter water like a boss. Santevia adds minerals back into the water and balances its PH by providing alkaline water that is good for you. The 5 Stage Ultrasonic Filter removes impurities and fluoride, the Countertop Water System and Mina Slim Pitcher offer a diverse range of sizes and you can even take Santevia on the go with Energy Boost Power Pouch.

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