EarPlanes Kids Disposable Ear Plugs, Pair, 1 Ea

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Ear Planes Kids Disposable Ear Plugs, Pair 

Relieves air pressure discomfort with the exclusive CeramX filter. Reduces harsh noise. Drug free. Approved by flight attendants. Safe, comfortable, disposable. Soft, hypoallergenic, latex free silicone. The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30.

Plase read all label information carefully on delivery and prior to use.


  • 5
    No More Earaches

    Posted by Aria Thomas on Sep 6th 2023

    EarPlanes saved the day.

  • 5
    Peaceful Sleep

    Posted by Daniel Moore on Mar 20th 2023

    EarPlanes helped my little one sleep better on long flights.

  • 5

    Posted by Owen Taylor on Mar 21st 2022

    A small investment for big relief.

  • 5
    Effective Pressure Relief

    Posted by Joseph Miller on Jan 31st 2022

    My childs ears felt less clogged during takeoff and landing.

  • 4
    Kid-Friendly Design

    Posted by Logan Perez on Jun 26th 2021

    Cute and colorful my child loves them.

  • 5
    Comfortable Fit

    Posted by Lily Martinez on Jun 22nd 2021

    These earplugs fit snugly and dont cause discomfort during flights.

  • 5
    Stays Put

    Posted by Zoe Scott on Jun 20th 2021

    They dont slip out easily.

  • 5
    Less Ear Popping

    Posted by Grace Phillips on Feb 10th 2021

    Reduced that annoying ear-popping sensation.

  • 5
    Quick Relief

    Posted by Scarlett Ross on Dec 16th 2020

    Instant comfort during altitude changes.