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Futuro Revitalizing Dress Socks for Men, Medium, Model 71039EN, Black

It provide graduated compression that improves ciriculation. Ideal for tired or achy legs, swelling, mild spider and varicose veins. Maximum compression at the ankle gradually decreases up the leg to message tired, achy legs and provide a revitalizing feeling. Ideal for traveling, being on your feet or sitting in one place all day, or for active office work. The durable, reinforced toe and heel keep you looking professional. A comfort band ensures socks stay neat and in place. Great for business casual or weekend wear.

Choose Your Compression For Relieving Symptoms of:
  • Mild - 8-15mm/Hg - Mild varicose veins, minor swelling and tired, aching legs
  • Moderate - 15-20 mm/Hg - Varicose veins, moderate swelling and tired, aching legs
  • Firm - 20-30mm/Hg - Chronic aching legs, moderate leg pain, post-surgery, moderate-to-severe varicose veins and swelling
  • Place thumbs inside socks and gather material
  • Slip each foot inside socks and gradually pull up and over heel
  • Adjust heel for comfortable fit
  • Gently slide socks up each leg and smooth out wrinkles

Note: Do not fold over bands or allow product to roll.

Care Instructions: Hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not wring out. Blot with towel to remove excess water. Air-dry or tumble dry in delicate cycle on low heat.

If you have a history of blood clots please consult with your physician about the appropriate product for you.

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