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Brita water pitcher replacement filter - 1 ea

Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filter - 1 Ea

Keeps a healthy level of fluoride, a water additive that promotes strong teeth.

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    • Healthier, great-tasting drinking water.
    • Reduces chlorine, mercury, copper & more.
    • Better for the environment.
    Brita water pitcher replacement filter
    • Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filter reduces chlorine (taste and odor), copper and mercury content.
    • Replace every 40 gallons (approx. two months).
    • Each filter saves up to 300 bottles of water.
    • Thee Brita Filter's activated carbon and ion exchange resin work together to filter your water so you get healthier, great-tasting drinking water.
    • The Brita Filter keeps a healthy level of flouride, a water additive that promotes strong teeth.
    • Brita is the World�s #1 Brand of household water filtration.
    • They transform ordinary tap water into cleaner, great-tasting water without the cost and waste of bottled water.
    • Renew yourself, save money and reduce your impact on the Earth.
    • Start today with a better you.

    The Brita Water Filtration Pitcher and Dispenser reduces the following harmful contaminants that may be in your tap water.

    Supplement Facts

    Wash your hands before unwrapping the filter.

    • Soak New Filter.
    • Insert Filter Into Reservoir.
    • Add Cold Tap Water.
    • Replace Filter Every 40 Gallons or Two Months..

    It is normal for carbon dust to appear in your first 2 pitchers. Discard this water or use it to water plants.

    • The Brita Pitcher Filter is not intended to purify water.
    • Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
    • Individuals requiring water of special microbiological purity should follow the advice of their doctor or local health officials regarding the use and consumption of their tap water and Brita water.
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