Earth Therapeutics Loofah Bath Pad Puff Sponge - 1 Ea

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Earth Therapeutics loofah bath pad puff sponge

It is a plushest loofah. An oval loofah pad set on a soft, thick, waffle-patterned sponge. A staple for the bath or shower, this oval loofah pad is interfaced to a cotton waffle-pattern backing. Wide, cloth, elastic strap attached to secure to hand while cleaning. Lathers luxuriantly.

Loofah is a natural vegetable cleansing sponge that exfoliates dead skin cells and improve circulation of the blood throughout the body. Loofah revitalizes the skin. A mainstay in European Spas and Asian Baths, this vegetable sponge is valued as the key to better health.


To use: Insert your four fingers into the mitt - leaving your thumb exposed. Wet the loofah mitt in warm water to soften, apply your favorite soap and gently massage the skin. For those areas that need special attention, use the knitted sisal side to exfoliate those rougher areas. Mitt can be used with left or right hand. Remember to always massage toward the heart.

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