Futuro Energizing 8-15 Mmhg Ultra Sheer Pantyhose For Women, Beige, Large - 1 Ea

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Futuro Firm Support Pantyhose provides the medically proven benefits of graduated compression in comfortable and attractive styles.
Attractive materials in a natural tone for a fashionable look.

Full cut panty with control top for firming and shaping.
Wide, comfortable waistband.

Reinforced toe and heel for maximum durability.

Futuro Firm Support Hosiery takes you beyond everyday support. Our medially proven graduated compression knitting technology energizes your legs and helps relieve discomfort from chronic tired, aching legs and helps relieve discomfort from chronic tired, aching legs, more pronounced varicose veins, and moderate ankle swelling. May also aid in the treatment of mild post-phlebitic syndrome and help to reduce the risk of clotting after minor vein surgery. Ideal for everyday, especially when you are standing or sitting for long periods, walking or traveling.
Relief. You will feel invigorated as our graduated compression technology applies the right amount of pressure to your legs where they need it most, encouraging healthier blood flow and increasing circulation. It's like a gentle massage all day long.

Comfort. You will experience outstanding comfort and fit. Reliable, soothing support allows you to stay active with confidence and do the things you want to do with pleasure and easy.

Style. Our hosiery provides a contemporary look with the effective support you need.

Maximum compression at the ankle decreases gradually up the leg.

Firm Compression Hosiery (20-30mm/Hg*). Medium - Full Cut Panty, Beige. #006283
*The mean compression for an average ankle size.
Futuro guarantees its products to be of the highest quality. If you should receive a defective product, please wash and return it for full reimbursement value.

For more information on the full line of Futuro Support Hosiery and Socks see our Style Guide inside or visit our website at Futuro. com.

Directions for wear and care are enclosed.

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