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PeriFresh Fresh-Fruit Fragrance Perineal Cleanser Deoderizer - 8 Oz

Perifresh Fresh-Fruit Fragrance Perineal Cleanser Deodorizer For Incontinent Care - 7.5 Oz

PeriFresh Perineal Cleanser Deodorizer help to eliminate stripping of the skin and leave the patient feeling clean & refreshed.

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    The Perineal Cleanser & Deodorizer emulsifies & cleans dried urine and feces to help eliminate stripping of the skin. This economical non-irritating cleanser contains Aloe Vera and has remoisturizing properties that will not dry the skin like ordinary soap and water. PeriFresh is quick, gentle and easy to use. PeriFresh is used for Incontinence Care in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and in other Health Care related settings. It can be applied at an Ostomy Site on Skin Lesions due to its Remoisturizing properties. The Perineal Cleanser can be sprayed directly on Urine & Feces, and will eliminate odors in the Perineum Region on contact. It has a fresh-fruit fragrance. It will leave the patient feeling clean and refreshed.

    Features of PeriFresh Fresh-Fruit Fragrance Perineal Cleanser Deoderizer:

    • PeriFresh is Latex free and PH Balanced.
    • It neutralizes odors on contact.
    • contains Aloe Vera.

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