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One Touch ultra fastdraw design test strips , Diabetes Care
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    One Touch Ultra Test Strips,Blue DoubleSure Technology Proven Accuracy Automatically Checks Each Sample Twice to Confirm the Result Requires Just a Speck of Blood Covered at the Lowest Co-Pay on Most Health Plans For blood glucose testing with the OneTouch® Ultra Family of Meters and the OneTouch Ping Meter Remote. For blood glucose testing with these OneTouch Ultra Meters:- OneTouch Ultra2, OneTouch UltraSmart,OneTouch Ping,OneTouch Ultra,OneTouch UltraLink,OneTouch UltraMini. ...

    One Touch ultra fast draw design test strips, Diabetes Care
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      MANUFACTURER: LIFESCAN INC.INDICATIONS:One Touch ultra fast draw design test stripsIt makes blood glucose testing fast, easy, and less painful for anyone with diabetes. gives results in just 5 seconds and requires just a speck of blood. That can mean less pain when you test on your fingers or forearm. Just touch the end of the test strip to your blood sample. The test strip automatically draws up blood and makes it easy to see when there's enough blood for an accurate reading.Features:Fast,...

      One Touch ultra glucose control solution , Diabetes Care
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        MANUFACTURER: LIFESCAN INC. INDICATIONS: One Touch Ultra Glucose Control Solution use with OneTouch Ultra brand Blood Glucose Meters and genuine LifeScan hospital products. For quantitative verification of test system performance. The Hospital OneTouch Glucose Control Solutions are blue colored solutions intended for in vitro daignostic use only. The vial contains sufficient volume for 75 tests. DIRECTIONS: Shake vial well before use. Read package insert before using this product. For in vitro...

        One Touch ultra soft sterile lancets by Lifescan, Diabetes Care
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          MANUFACTURER: LIFESCAN INC. INDICATIONS: The OneTouch UltraSoft Lancets for use with Ultra, UltraSmart and InDuo. DIRECTIONS: Instruction for use: Wash hands with soap and warm water. Dry well. Load lancet into lancing device and twist off protective cap. Choose a spot on the side of a different finger each time you take a blood sample. Follow lancing device manufacturer's instructions for obtaining a blood sample. ...

          OneTouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System, With 10 Lancets - 1 Kit
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            MANUFACTURER: LIFESCAN INC . INDICATIONS: Introducing the OneTouch Ultra Blood Glucose Meter, a fast, gentle, simple and unique way to see the effects of food on your blood glucose results. Link the effects of food to glucose results. Fast and easy: No more waiting; results in 5 seconds. Uses just a speck of blood. Option to test on forearm, palm or finger. Kit includes: One Touch Ultra2 Blood Glucose Meter, One Touch Ultra Control Solution, lancing device, One Touch UltraClear Cap for testing...

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