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Altoids Cinnamon Flavor Mints Tin - 1.76 Oz, 12 Tins
Retail: $41.25
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: AXCX988642(12) -

    Altoids Cinnamon Flavor Mints TinAltoids Cinnamon Flavor Mints Tin are specially formulated to a recipe many times stronger than ordinary mints. Tru to the original recipe, Cinnamon Altoids mints are made to the same exacting standards as the original Peppermint Altoids developed over 200 years ago. Made in Great Britain

    Altoids Curiously Strong Mints with Wintergreen Flavor, #63142 - 1.7 Oz / 12 Tins
    Retail: $41.25
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: AXCX988840(12) -

      Altoids curiously strong mints with wintergreen flavorArtificially flavored mints. The original celebrated. Curiously strong. 0

      Altoids curiously strong peppermint tin, #63140 , Chocolates and Candy
      Retail: $28.44
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: AXCX988741(1) -

        Altoids curiously strong peppermint tin, #63140Curiously strong and original flavor experience.Sensory stimulant that engages your descerning tastes because it is always curiously strong and original and authentic. These tins fit nicely in any purse and are great to have on hand for those embarrassing bad breath moments. These tins contain crunchy peppermint flavor mints. Each tin is 1. 7 oz. contains approximately 75 pieces. ...

        Altoids smalls sugar free peppermint by wrigleys, Gums and Mints
        Retail: $12.55
        Availability: Out of Stock
        Item #: 360768 -

          Altoids smalls sugar free peppermint by wrigleys mini pack same curiously strong taste, but are conveniently packaged in a tiny tin smalls enough to drop into your favourite clutch or slip into your front jeans pocket. Sugar-free. Made with strong peppermint flavor.

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