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Bunion Regulator Relieves and Soothes Painful Bunions, Left Pedifix Large
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Pedifix Bunion Regulator Relieves And Soothes Painful Bunions, Left Pedifix Large

Bunion Regulator Relieves and Soothes Painful Bunions help maintain proper alignment.

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  • Bunion Regulator gently separates your big toe and
  • second toe to help maintain proper alignment, prevent friction and relieve
  • pressure on your bunion. It is designed for use while resting and can help slow
  • progression of the condition. Adjustable for a comfortable fit. Washable and reuasable. 1/package .
Separate Bunion Regulator's hook-and-loop band from itself and the remove free end. (Leave sewn loop on bottom splint arm, which goes under foot. ) Insert big toe between leather-covered cushion and other cushion at the concave part of splint. Be sure leather-covered cushion covers bunion joint. Lead hook-and-loop band around outside of foot and through slot on top splint arm. Adjust tension by pulling band so big toe moves slightly. Fold hook-and-loop band onto itself. Press together to secure. Limit initial usage periods to 30 minutes each. Gradually wear splint for longer durations and increase band tension as comfort level improves. Results will vary based on the severity and nature of the condition. Wearing the splint regularly can reduce discomfort and pain while possibly slowing the progression of bunion deformity.

If you have diabetes or poor blood circulation, consult your physician before using this product. Non-sterile. Do not use this item on broken skin. If this product causes you to have skin discoloration, numbness, irritation or pain, stop using it immediately. If your symptoms persist, contact a medical professional for further assistance. Please keep this product out of the reach of small children and pets.

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