Nutricology Fibronol vegetarian capsules uniquely strong antioxidant, Condition Specific Supplements

Nutricology Fibronol Vegetarian Capsules Uniquely Strong Antioxidant - 150 Ea

Fibronol also contains vitamin B1, magnesium, malic acid and Aloe Vera extract.

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    Nutricology Antioxidants
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    • Improves brain, metabolism and general health
    • Support the cardiovascular system.
    Nutricology Fibronol vegetarian capsules uniquely strong antioxidant

    Fibronil contains Seanol-F, a patent-pending brown seaweed extract Ecklonia cava, rich in phlorotannins/polyphenols that have uniquely strong antioxidant properties. These polyphenols are 40% oil-soluble, and have a metabolic half-life of up to 12 hours. This antioxidant has a unique molecular structure, with eight interconnected rings to scavenge free-radicals as opposed to the three or four found in most antioxidants, making SEANOL-F significantly stronger than even green tea. Phlorotannins support the cardiovascular system, brain, metabolism, and general health. Fibronol also contains vitamin B1, magnesium, malic acid and aloe vera extract.

    Seaweeds, or algal plants, have long been used by traditional cultures worldwide for food and medicine. Seaweeds are organized into four classes: green algae (Chlorophyceae), blue-green algae (Cyanophyceae), red algae (Rodophyceae), and brown algae (Phaeophyceae). Some green algaes, such as sea spaghetti, are used as food. Blue-green algae are found in both seawaters, and in fresh waters, such as the well-known edible Klamath Lake blue-green algae, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. Red seaweeds include agar-agar, dulse, Irish moss and nori. Brown seaweeds include arame, hijiki, kombu and wakame, and are known for their use in Asian cuisines. Both red and brown algae are rich in polysaccharides, which are utilized for their gelling, emulsifying and stabilizing properties. Agar and carrageenan are polysaccharides extracted from red seaweeds; algin is extracted from the brown seaweed giant kelp.

    Ecklonia cava, called noro-kajime in Japan, is the edible brown seaweed that serves as the source for Seanol-F. E. cava is used commercially as a source of hydrocolloids, such as alginate, and as a soup ingredient in Asia. It is also considered a source of iodine.

    Seanol-F is a standardized complex of unique natural molecules from E. cava. Seanol-F contains phlorotannins, polyphenolic compounds not found in terrestrial plants but only in certain brown algal species. Phlorotannin-rich extracts of E. cava show significant antioxidant activities, including DPPH radical scavenging, ferric ion reduction, peroxynitrite scavenging, and inhibition of LDL oxidation. As well as modulating levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS), phlorotannins may modulate levels of PGE2, cytokines and prostaglandins.

    The phlorotannins found in E. cava, which include phloroglucinol, triphlorethol-A, eckol, bieckol, dieckol, and phlorofucofuroeckol (PFF), have powerful cytoprotective activity. Triphlorethol-A helps protect cells against radiation-induced oxidative damage by scavenging intracellular ROS. It also increases the activities of cellular antioxidant enzymes, including superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase. Phloroglucinol and eckol have been shown to scavenge hydrogen peroxide and other ROS, preventing lipid peroxidation. They also increase catalase activity and modulate the extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) pathway. The crude polyphenolic fractions (CphF) of E. cava have shown especially strong antioxidant activity, much higher than that of the preservatives BHA and BHT at the same concentration. They have the capacity to scavenge superoxide anions, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals. They may have the strongest antiradical activity among natural substances.

    Dieckol and PFF have been shown in mouse studies to increase the brain level of acetylcholine by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase, and support neurotransmitter levels, with significant benefit for brain function. An in vitro study in cultured human dermal fibroblasts has shown that E. cava phlorotannins may naturally support inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) with no cytotoxic effects. Eckol and dieckol showed strong inhibition of both NF-kappaB and AP-1 reporter activity, which were well correlated with their abilities to inhibit MMP-1 expression.

    Human studies show that Seanol-F supports cardiovascular function: it inhibits LDL oxidation more powerfully than the same levels of green tea catechins; it supports the body�s fibrinolysis function; it supports cholesterol within normal levels; and it supports normal production of nitric oxide (NO) in the vascular endothelium, which supports normal blood flow. Other studies offer further evidence that Seanol-F compounds may optimize NO levels. Human studies also show that it can promote daytime wakefulness, likely due to increased blood flow and oxygenation. Subjects given Seanol-F fell asleep faster, slept longer and reported increased soundness of sleep. They felt it increased their energy levels and improved their general condition.

    Unlike polyphenols derived from land plants, Seanol�s polyphenols are 40% oil-soluble. They can pass the blood-brain barrier, and they have a much longer metabolic half-life than that of the usual hydrophilic polyphenols: up to 12 hours vs. typically 30 minutes. Studied since 1992, in-vitro studies, animal studies, and human trials have consistently shown that Seanol compounds have amazing health promoting promise with no evidence of toxicity.

    *Note: Variations in color may occur. Keep refrigerated whenever possible, tightly capped.

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    As a dietary supplement, 2 capsules three times daily before meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

    Do not exceed 12 capsules in a 24-hour period. Keep in a cool, dry place, tightly capped. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age unless under the care of a physician.

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