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Blue Pearl classic imported cedarwood incense, Air Fresheners, Room Deodorizers, Candles

Blue Pearl Classic Imported Cedarwood Incense - 20 G

Cedarwood - A mild and very special oriental blend of Himalayan cedar.

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    • Incredible &Amp; Pure Hand Made Fragrances
    • Cedar Wood
    Blue Pearl classic imported cedarwood incense

    Cedarwood - A mild and very special oriental blend of Himalayan cedar. Rare essential fragrances. Handmade of the finest natural ingredients. Blue Pearl incense is now available in 10 different fragrances.

    • Classic Imported Incense
    • Incredible & pure handmade fragrances
    • Sweet, herbaceous and woody

    Blue Pearl is the quintessence of incense. The finest fragrances Mother Nature could produce. Each scent imparts its own unique message, from the universal quotes of brotherhood on each back panel to the subtle delight of each classic fragrance. One whiff of Blue Pearl and you will understand why it is considered the highest quality incense in the world. The purest, most natural way to enhance a mood, deodorize a room, or freshen the atmosphere. For mingling with friends, meditating, or midnight dinner a deaux.

    Light end and then blow out until tip burns red. Set in incense holder and let burn.

    Place lighted stick into holder. Be sure ashes fall on a fire-proof surface. Keep away from flammables � don�t leave unattended. Not for human consumption.

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