Ezy dose oral syringe with dosage korc - 1 tsp

Ezy Dose Oral Syringe With Dosage Korc - 1 Tsp

Ideal for giving liquid medication to infants and toddlers.

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    Ezy dose oral syringe with dosage korc
    • Oral Syringe is calibrated in 1/4 TSPs and MLs (1 to 5 MLs).
    • Ideal for giving liquid medication to infants and toddlers.
    • Dosage Korc allows medication to be drawn directly from bottle.
    • Calibrations are large and easy to read. Easy see through for accuracy.
    • Dosage Korc allows medicine to be drawn directly from the bottle.
    • Specially designed gasket material prevents plunger from sticking after rep.
    • Latex Free. BPA free.
    • Insert Dosage Korc into medication bottle with a downward twisting motion until a tight seal is made between the bottle and the Dosage Korc.
    • Remove cap from tip of syringe and draw plunger back to the last marking on the barrel of the syringe.
    • Open Dosage Korc cover and insert tip of syringe firmly into opening of the Dosage Korc with a twisting downward motion.
    • Push plunger down completely, forcing air into the bottle. If plunger sticks moisten tip with vegetable oil.
    • With the Syringe, Dosage Korc, and bottle attached, turn the entire unit upside down.
    • Withdraw medication into syringe by pulling out plunger.
    • Withdraw slightly more medication into the syringe than doctors directions indicate, and then push plunger upward until the desired level of medication is contained in the syringe.
    • Excess medication will be forced back into the bottle along with any air bubbles that may cause an inaccurate reading of the medication level.
    • Return the entire unit to the upright position and remove the syringe from the Dosage Korc with a slow, upward twisting motion.
    • Place tip of syringe past the patients (child, adult or geriatric patient) lips and teeth. Slowly press plunger down to dispense medication into patients mouth.
    • Your syringe has been calibrated to deliver an exact amount of medication once you push the plunger all the way down.
    • You will note there is a small residual amount of medication within the tip which has not been calculated in the volume you are delivering.
    • This amount is not part of your dosage.
    • Remove Dosage Korc and replace with original bottle cap. Failure to remove the Dosage Korc may affect the stability of the medication.
    • Wash syringe and barrel with warm water between uses.
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    I received what I ordered. It took 9 days to get to me though. I would order again for you.