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Aircast AirHeel Foot and Ankle Brace, Large AirHeel, #09AL, Orthopedic (Elastic) Supports and Braces

Aircast Airheel Foot And Ankle Brace For Men: 12 Inch And Women: 13.5 Inch, Large - 1 Ea

Lightweight materials and low profile design increases comfort.






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    • Made of clear, soft and durable silicone
    • Used for the treatment of plantar fasciitis
    • Simplified design speeds application



    Aircast airheel foot and ankle brace, large airheel :

    It is specifically designed to treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and heel pain. Using two interconnected aircells located under the foot arch and in back of the heel, the AirHeel applies pulsating compression with every step to help reduce swelling and discomfort, and enhance circulation. The AirHeel is made of lightweight breathable fabric and is simple to apply - just slip it on like a sock and adjust the fit with one strap. The AirHeel is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

    Features :

    • A pneumatic compression dressing for the foot and ankle, used for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.
    • Pulsating pneumatic compression minimizes swelling and enhances circulation.
    • Lightweight materials and low profile design increases.
    • Simplified design speeds application
    • The Aircast Airheel provides intermittent compression through an aircell under the plantar arch interacting with an aircell surrounding the Archilles tendon.
    • These aircells produce pulsating compression during ambulation that helps minimize swelling and discomfort, and provides rapid pain relief.
    • The Aircast AirHeelTM is intended for plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.
    • Latex Free.


    • Put on sock.
    • Insert foot into AirHeel, toe first.
    • Position heel in opening in back of wrap.
    • Position Achilles aircell over tendon.
    • The height of the Achilles aircell may be repositioned by detaching and firmly reattaching in place.
    • Place foot flat on floor and secure ankle strap.
    • Make sure that foot aircell is located under arch of foot.
    • To adjust AirHeel fit, tighten/loosen ankle strap.
    • Cleaning Instruction : The entire AirHeel can be hand washed in luke warm water with mild soap and air dried.


  • At high altitudes the aircells will expand beyond their optimal level. Adjust aircell pressure by tightening or loosening strap.
  • If you experience any pain, swelling, sensation changes, or any unusual reactions while using this product, consult your medical professional immediately.
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