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Therabrite Plus Oral Rinse, Oral Hygiene

TheraBrite Plus Whitening Oral Mouth Rinse - 16 Oz

Extra strength formula blasts away stains with the power of oxygen.

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    • Alcohol free
    • All natural
    • Healthier gums formula
    Thera Brite Plus Whitening Oral Mouth Rinse
    • Thera brite plus whitening oral rinse contains extra strength formula blasts away stains with the power of oxygen.
    • Alcohol free.
    • Now with cinnfully fresh formula booster.
    • The whiter teeth and healthier gums formula.
    • All natural.
    • Enhances the effect of any whitening treatment.
    • With the power of activated OXYD-8.
    • Oxygen power for whiter teeth and healthier gums.

    Please Read Item Label and Packaging for Recent Product Information.

    • Shake well before each use.
    • Keep cap tightly closed.
    • First, add the contents of the formula booster packet and then shake for 3-4 seconds.
    • Also, shake well before each use.
    • Use 2 capfuls for a brighter smile and fresher breath.
    • Thoroughly rinse mouth for at least 60 seconds several times daily.
    • Do not eat or drink for at least 15 minutes after each use.
    • When used in the hydrofloss, use 2 capfuls.
    • When used for maximum whitening and the elimination of breath plus taste problems, follow the 5 steps listed below 3 times daily.
    • Cover the edge of a tongue cleaner with a medium amount of TheraBrite plus toothpaste.
    • Gently scrape the tongue surface 6-8 times until completely coated.
    • Dont scrape hard. Don't
    • Rinse yet.
    • Brush your teeth, tongue, palate and inside of cheeks with TheraBrite plus toothpaste.
    • This should take about two minutes if done properly.
    • Spit out toothpaste. Then, rinse with 2 capfuls of TheraBrite plus oral rinse for 90 seconds. No water.
    • Dip dental floss into TheraBrite plus oral rinse or TheraBrite plus toothpaste, then proceed to floss.
    • These hard to reach areas may be a source of oral odor.
    • Gargle for 90 seconds with 2 caps of TheraBrite plus oral rinse.
    • Spit out and wait 15 minutes for maximum absorption and brightening before eating or drinking.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • If spilled on fabrics, wash out immediately.
    • Please recycle.
    • This product was sealed with protective packaging at the laboratory. If seal is missing, do not use.
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