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Kleenite multipurpose denture cleanser powder, Oral Hygiene

Kleenite Multipurpose Dental Cleanser Powder - 9 Oz

It works quickly and economically to get your dental appliance cleaner, brighter & whiter.

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    Kleenite multipurpose denture cleanser powder

    It works quickly and economically to get your dental appliance cleaner, brighter & whiter. Super active oxygen bubbles clean tough stains while they help fight plaque and odor-causing bacteria.

    Safe & effective for metal partials, orthodontic retainers, mouth guards & full dentures. 3x more powerful cleaning action. Contains baking soda to clean & freshen. Removes plaque & kills bacteria that cause denture odor.

    The only multipurpose dental cleanser specially formulated for:

    • Partials
    • Orthodontic retainers
    • Mouth guards
    • Dentures


    • 90 cleanings.
    • Fast and powerful cleaning action.
    • Cleans, freshens & deodorizes.
    • Brightens & whitens like new.
    • Pour 3/4 capful of Kleenite into a glass or denture bath.
    • Add hot tap water so that the entire appliance is covered.
    • If appliance is heavily stained, mix 1-2 capfuls and soak for several hours or overnight, depending on need.
    • Kleenite may be safely used for regular overnight soaking.
    • For orthodontic appliances or other heat softening self- adjusting appliances, use only lukewarm water.
    • Rinse thoroughly with running water.
    • For best results, brush with solution and rinse again.
    • Use Kleenite every day for a clean, fresh dental appliance.
    • Keep in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.
    • Do not use in mouth.
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    Kleenite Multipurpose Dental Cleaner Powderwe Posted on 10/28/2017

    I have been very leased with this product and your service

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