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Cara baby water bottle, #18, Baby Feeding and Nursing Accessories

Cara Baby Water Bottle, #18 - 1 Ea

It contains bottle and stopper, designer washable cloth cover of 24 ounce capacity.

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    Cara baby water bottles, model no: 18

    It is recommended for use when hot or cold applications are needed to soothe pain. It contains stopper and designer washable cloth cover - 24 ounce capacity. Color of cloth cover in photo may not be the same as color of cover inside.


    • Use only plain tap water in the bottle.
    • Using anything other than plain tap water could destroy or damage the bottle.
    • For Warm Application: Fill bottle 3/4 full with tap water only. (Caution: Tap water can cause burns.)
    • For Cold Application: Fill bottle 3/4 full with cold water or crushed ice.
    • For Both Warm and Cold Applications: Let out excess air before placing stopper into threaded opening. Turn stopper so it fits securely into threads and tighten.
    • Test for leakage by turning bottle upside down and pressing down on bottle firmly.
    • Note: For either warm or cold applications, the bottle must be contained within the cloth cover, and wrapped in a towel.
    • After Use and Storage: Before storage, rinse bottle thoroughly with luke warm water.
    • Hang open bottle upside down to drain and air-dry.


    • Carefully examine bottle before each application.
    • If bottle shows signs of wear, it should not be used.
    • Do not use boiling water or strong chemicals in bottle.
    • Do not place bottle on radiator or permit contact with hot metal.
    • Do not fold, sit, or lie on bottle during usage.
    • Do not expose bottle to direct sunlight or other heat.
    • This product contains dry natural rubber.
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