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Hollister adapt skin barrier paste easy to sqeeze tube, ostomy care, # 79300, Home Health Care

Hollister Adapt Skin Barrier Paste Easy To Sqeeze Tube, Ostomy Care, # 79300 - 2 Oz

Helps to reduce ostomy drainage from getting under the pouch seal.






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    Hollister adapt skin barrier paste easy to sqeeze tube, ostomy care, # 79300

    Adapt Paste prevents liquid drainage from getting between your skin and your skin barrier. This protects your skin and often extends the life of your skin barrier. Paste is NOT an adhesive and too much paste may actually interfere with a good seal.

    Adapt Paste will not harm your stoma or cause it to stop draining. As you press your skin barrier into place you may see the paste filling in the area around the stoma.

    How to remove the paste:

    The paste will come off when you remove your pouch. If you are changing your pouch after a very short time (less than a day) you may see paste residue that should be gently lifted from the skin. If a small amount of paste residue is still adhered to your skin but it appears clean, you can apply your new pouch over it.

    • Wash and dry your skin thoroughly.
    • Apply a small bead of Adapt Paste at the inner edge of the skin barrier You may let it sit while you remove your used pouch and clean and dry your skin.
    • Apply additional Adapt Paste to uneven areas near the stoma if needed.
    • Apply your ostomy pouch as usual.

    Irritated skin near the stoma should be evaluated by a healthcare professional who will help determine the cause of the skin problem and how to prevent further injury.

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