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Avena hand & body lotion, Skin Care
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    MANUFACTURER: MIDWAY IMPORTING INC.INDICATIONS:Avena hand and body lotionIt hydrates and nourishes your skin, providing the smoothness and natural elasticity that a healthy skin daily needs. It gives back the silkiness and the well being that a young skin has.Features:Moisturizing.Elasticity.Softness.Nutrition.100% Natural Oatmeal.Nature on your skin.It is ideal for every type of skin.Non oily formula of rapid absortion.INGREDIENTS: Aqua Water, Carbomer, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate,...

    Avena daily moisturizing cream, Skin Care
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      MANUFACTURER: MIDWAY IMPORTING INC. INDICATIONS: Avena Daily Moisturizing Cream100% Natural Oatmeal. Revitalizes and protects your skin. Elasticity. Softness. Nutrition. Moisturizing Avena Cream provides the hydration, elasticity and nutrition that your skin needs every day. Excellent for the treatment for elder people and babies skin. Ideal for all the family. Non oily formula of rapid absorption. 100% Avena Natural. INGREDIENTS: Aqua Water , Cetyl Alcohol , Isopropyl Myristate , Cetearyl...

      Avena Collagen Regenerative Moisturizing Hand/Body Lotion, Skin Repair Formula, Skin Cleanser, Body Moisturizers
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        Avena Collagen Regenerative Moisturizing Hand/Body Lotion, Skin Repair Formula Collagen and elastin are responsible for giving flexibility and firmness to the skin.Good topical applicator for stimulating collagen production.Collagen penetrates to the second layer of skin, favoring the reduction and prevention of wrinkles.Able to cause cells to retain water.Excellent moisturizer for the epidermis, favoring cleaning.Helps to fight free radicals and environmental pollution. ...

        Avena Arnica Lotion For Hands And Body,  Skin Cleanser, Body Moisturizers
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        Retail: $5.97
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          Avena Arnica Lotion For Hands And Body Helps maintain ideal moisture balance of the skin, leaving smooth legs and refreshed.Ideal for pregnant women or when been on feet all day.

          Avena Instituto Espanol Roll-on Deodorant, Deodorants and Antiperspirants
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            Avena Instituto Espanol Roll-on Deodorant 100 % natural without alcoholEfficient protection for sensitive skinNeutralizes odors and provides a pleasant feeling of freshness all dayIdeal for all skin typesDoes not contain alcohol and does not irritate the skinAll day protection.

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