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Hylands cold n cough 4 kids multi-symptom cold relief syrup, Cough and Cold
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    Hylands cold n cough 4 kids multi-symptom cold relief syrupHylands cold n cough 4 kids is a great solution for multi-symptom cold relief for children.Our 100% natural formula offers safe and effective and helps to reduce common cold symptoms, including sneezing, sore throat, and congestion.This fast-acting homeopathic formula is safe for kids 2 years old and up and comes in a great tasting sugar-free base that they wont mind taking.When colds strike, trust Hylands cold n cough 4 kids to reduce...

    Hylands Allergy Relief 4 Kids Quick Dissolving Tablets, Cough, Cold and Sinus
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      MANUFACTURER: HYLANDS INC.INDICATIONS: Hylands allergy relief 4 Kids quick dissolving tabletsSpecially designed for Children - Ages 2 and Up.Non drowsy, all natural, gentle, safe and effective.Contains no Pseudoephedrine. Allergy relief 4 Kids tablets relieves kids common allergy symptoms including watery eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes/nose/roof of mouth, pressure in the nose and cheeks, ear fullness / popping, dark circles under the eyes and hives. Temporarily relieves...

      Hylands Calms Forte 4 Kids Tablets, Homeopathic Remedies
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        Hylands 4 Kids Quick dissolving Tablets For Calmn, RestfulAll Natural Stress Relief for Children age 2 and overWorks without contraindications or side effects.Non-Addicting and Non-Habit Forming.Safe for children age 2 and over.Easy to take, quick dissolving tablets.Relieves other symptoms that can inhibit children from sleeping well, including night terrors, growing pains and sleeplessness from vacation travel. A calmative solution to restlessness.It dissolve almost instantly in the mouth....

        Hylands Chamomilla teething and irritability tablets, 30X, Oral Medications, Pain Relief
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        Item #: AXTEHY0128 -

          Hylands Chamomilla Occasional Sleepness and Irritability Tablets, 30XChamomile, Hypersensitivity to pain, rheumatic discomfort, sleeplessness and nervous excitability. Relieves colic in children. Works without contraindications or side effects Non-Habit Forming Aspirin and Acetaminophen Free Can be used in conjunction with other medications.

          Hylands homeopathic Complete Allergy 4 kids multi-symptom liquid - 4 oz
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          Item #: AXTEHY0281 -

            Hylands homeopathic complete allergy 4 kids multi-symptom liquidTemporarily relieves the symptoms of indoor and outdoor allergens including runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, itchy nose and throat, stuffy nose and facial pain. Complete allergy: Natural Sugar Free Liquid.Relieves:SneezingItchy eyes, nose and throatHay feverRunny noseWatery eyesUncontrollable sneezingFacial pain andswellingBurning eyesEar pain & sinus pressure ...

            Hylands homeopathic Nighttime cold n cough 4 Kids - 4 oz
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              Hylands homeopathic Nighttime cold n cough 4 KidsTemporarily reduce the symptoms of common cold including cough, runny nose, sneezing, nasal and chest congestion, and sore throat with accompanying sleeplessness.100% NaturalSafe and effectiveSugar freeSafe for ages 2 plusSupports chest congestionHelps to reduce coughSupports sleeplessnessHelps to reduce sore throatHelps to reduce runny noseHelps to reduce sneezing ...

              Hylands Homeopathic Chamomilla 6X Teething And Irritability Tablets, Homeopathic Remedies
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              Item #: AXTEHY0127 -

                INDICATIONS:Hylands homeopathic chamomilla 6X for teething and irritabilityChamomilla (German Chamomile) is a homeopathic remedy indicated for inflammation of the respiratory organs, teething, inflammation and cramps of the digestive organs and of the female reproductive organs, intense conditions of pain, and diarrhea due to teething.INGREDIENTS: Chamomilla 6X.DIRECTIONS:Adults: Dissolve 4 tablets under tongue 4 times a day. Children: 2 tablets as above.WARNINGS:Do not use if cap band is...

                Hylands Baby Colic Tablets, Baby Health and FirstAid
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                  MANUFACTURER: HylandsHylands Baby Colic TabletsHylands baby colic tablets temporarily reduce the symptoms of colic and gas pains caused by irritating food, feeding too quickly, swallowing air and similar conditions during teething, colds and other minor upset periods in children.Soft tablets dissolve instantly.No artificial flavors, dyes or parabens.All natural, homeopathic formula. ...

                  Hylands Calm n Restful Tablets 4 Kids, Homeopathic Remedies
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                    MANUFACTURER: HYLANDS INC Hylands Calm n Reatful 4 Kids TabletsHelps kids settle down so they can fall asleepFree of stimulant side effectsUseful for irritability and restlessnessHomeopathicQuick dissolvingWe know how important sleep is for everyone. Especially important for growing children. Thankfully. Helps child relax and rejuvenate with all-natural homeopathic medicine in 4Kids Calm n Restful. These quick-dissolving tablets address the causes that inhibit a child from sleeping well. Your...

                    Hylands 4Kids Sniffles n Sneezes Natural Relief Tablets, Baby Health and FirstAid
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                      MANUFACTURER: HYLANDS INC Hylands 4Kids Sniffles n Sneezes Natural Relief Tablets HomeopathicFor ages 2 to 12Safe, effective formulaQuick-dissolving tablets melt instantly in mouth.All natural active ingredients. Multi-symptom cold relief without sleepy or stimulant side effects. No Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Pseudoephedirne or Dextromethorphan.Clinically provenNatural relief Provides natural relief of common cold symptoms in children including sneezing, cough, sore throat,...

                      Hylands Baby Tiny Cold Natural Relief Tablets, Cough, Cold and Sinus
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                      Item #: 155903 -

                        MANUFACTURER: HYLANDS INCHylands Baby Tiny Cold Natural Relief TabletsRelieves symptoms of runny nose and sneezing due to common head colds in children.All natural homeopathic soft tablets dissolve instantly.No artificial flavors, dyes or parabens. Safe for infants and children.

                        Hylands Homeopathic 4 Kids Tummy Ache Tablets For 2-12 Ages, Baby Health and FirstAid
                        Retail: $8.11
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                        Item #: 717090 -

                          Hyland's Homeopathic 4 Kids Tummy Ache Tablets For 2-12 AgesSafe, Effective, Natural formula for children 2-12 years old No artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavorsDye freeStomach aches are one of the leading causes of kids missing school especially between the ages of 5 and 9. Tummy Ache 4 Kids alleviates the symptoms of stomach pains that are due to nervousness and other irritants. It was specifically formulatedTemporarily relieves minor abdominal and stomach pain, upset stomach due to...

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