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Wonka Nerds Grape Strawberry Candies - 1.6 Oz Each X 36 Per Pack
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    MANUFACTURER: NESTLE.INDICATIONS: Wonka Nerds Grape Strawberry CandiesWonka Nerds Grape Strawberry.These very tiny candies had a hard shell and a tangy taste.You basically pour a whole bunch of them into your hand and then pop them in your mouth.You can suck on them if you want, but eventually you will just want to crunch them to get to the actual flavor of the Nerd, which is basically fruit flavored sugar.This box had two flavors, with different pouring areas on each side.We preferred the...

    Wonka Nerds Wild Cherry Watermelon & Punch Tiny Tangy Crunchy Candy, Chocolates & Candy
    Retail: $51.59
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    Item #: AXCX988667-1 -

      MANUFACTURER: NESTLE . INDICATIONS: Wonka Nerds Wild Cherry Watermelon & Punch Tiny Tangy Crunchy CandyPack of 36 1. 65-ounce packets (59. 4 total ounces). Tangy candy in watermelon and cherry flavors. Contains no fat or dairy products. Two boxes in one, with different compartments for each flavor. Double the mouth-watering flavor with apple-coated watermelon nerds and lemonade-coated wild cherry nerds in one package. ...

      Nerds Rope Rainbow Candy Wrapper Tear And Share, 24 Ea
      Retail: $44.00
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      Item #: AXCXQK2600-676452(24) -

        Nerds Rope Rainbow Candy Wrapper Tear And Share Delicious little characters small and peculiarly shaped yet lovably packed with tasteBite it, chew it, twist it and pull itCreates yummy fun by coating soft, chewy center with confetti-colored characters.

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