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Scar Gel Clear Gel Topical Aid For Scar Therapy - 1.76 Oz (767731)

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MANUFACTURER: PREFFERED PLUS PRODUCTS. INDICATIONS: Scar Gel Clear Gel Topical Aid for Scars is Specially Formulating For Scars. Scar Gel is a clear, topical gel. Scar Gel is topical aid for scars. Mederma softens and smooths scars resulting from...
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St. Louis, MO

Thank you

I am a woman and shave my face at least three times a week and i use to have black spots on my face, but not any more. I apply scar gel on every morning before i put my makeup on and my skin with or without my skin healthy and firm. It doesn't really have a smell it so worth the $5.00 i spent.

Reviews 1-1 of 1