Cura-Heat Pack Back And Shoulder Pain, Pain and Fever

Cura-Heat Pack Back And Shoulder Pain - 3 Ct (741173)

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MANUFACTURER: KOBAYASHI HEALTHCARE LLC Cura-Heat Pack Back and Shoulder Pain12 hour relief for back.Shoulder, neck pain air-activated therapeutic heatpacks.Comfortably thin and long lasting.Contains:3 Single-use packsCura-heat for lifes little...
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Better than the other brand because it will not cause burns to skin.

While in Walgreens in Northern California I found these packs. More economical and safer than Therma Care in my opinion. Had used Therma Care for over five years and had suffered blisters and burns. But not with Cura-Heat packs because they do not touch the skin. They work beautifully. Too bad they are not sold in Eastern Washington Walgreens'.

Reviews 1-1 of 1