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Red Cross Complete Medication Kit For Toothache  Oral Medications, Pain Relief|Alphabet Brand R

Red Cross Complete Medication Kit For Toothache - 1 Ea (117168)

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MANUFACTURER: MENTHOLATUM INC.INDICATIONS:Red Cross complete medication kit for toothacheRelieves throbbing, persistent toothache.Fast toothache pain relief.Temporary until a dentist can be seen.Package Includes:Toothache medication.Cotton...
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child proof

there's something about this product you neglected, for one I'm not saying this is a bad product I used it quite a bit. And I do like it cause it works.but one thing you forgot to do is to up grade the red cross toothache med. and that is to child proof it even though it states keep out of reach of children well unless you have kids it's not that easy especially for single mothers that have no help sometimes not even from your own family. so I am pleaing for the for children help make the medicine,Red Cross Toothache complete kit safer for our children so they can't injest or get it on thier skin incase of irritation and if by some chance it does get on the skin there should be some explaintion on the bottle what to do!!!!! Thank You.

Reviews 1-1 of 1
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