Johnsons 2 in 1 formula detangling shampoo for fine / normal hair, Hair Care

Johnsons 2 In 1 Formula Detangling Shampoo For Fine / Normal Hair - 18 Oz (49999)

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MANUFACTURER: J&J HEALTHCARE . INDICATIONS: Johnsons Baby 2 In 1 Detangling Shampoo No more tangles. No more tears. 2 In 1 formula for fine/normal hair. Use Johnson's 2 In 1 Detangling when your child has outgrown the effectiveness but not the...
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Smells awful, doesn't detangle!

I chose J&J No More Tangles because although I love the shampoo we've been using for our daughter since the day she was born (Mustela), she's gotten enough hair now that she has tangles. This was the only tangle-free option I found in our local drug store and I thought I could trust the brand. I have learned from that mistake.

My first annoyance came when, in the middle of the bath when I'm wet and she's slippery, I found that when I opened the bottle it was sealed under the cap. So I have to find a way to peel off a tightly sealed bottle with wet soapy hands. Grr. (I have never in my years of experience washing my own hair ever encountered a sealed shampoo bottle. I get that it's for kids and I guess they want to make sure it doesn't get ingested, but what busy parent has the time and energy to be tasked with another silly chore like this, especially in the middle of a bath? And once the seal is off after that very first use, if a baby is going to drink it, the seal doesn't protect her in that case.)

The second thing that turned me off was the smell. It's soooo artificial and sweet. In fact, the very first thing my husband said when he got home that night was, "Why does our daughter smell like cheap perfume?" It's awful.

The third nail in the coffin for this shampoo was how hard it is to rinse out. My other brand takes barely a single pass with the shower wand to rinse out of her hair. This took almost a solid minute to get out. I know the tangle-free agent is conditioner-based so there would be a little more rinsing involved, but this was way too much for a baby. She was practically apoplectic by the time we were finished rinsing.

The final straw was that my daughter had just as many tangles as with her other shampoo.

I used it twice and am giving it away to someone I don't like. Even if my old shampoo is twice as expensive as J&J, I'll buy Mustela every time.

Reviews 1-1 of 1