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Auromere Ayurvedic Formula Wrinkle Serum, Facial Skin Care
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    Auromere Ayurvedic Formula Wrinkle Serum A deep-penetrating, nourishing serum that softens and smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially for delicate and aging facial skin and neck area. 100% natural, it contains no harsh chemicals and no synthetic or artificial ingredients. Rich in micronutrients and naturally occurring citric, lactic, lauric and linoleic fatty acids, the ingredients are combined into a highly effective formula for daily facial skin rejuvenation and...

    Auromere Exfoliating Ayurvedic Formula Face Wash, Facial Skin Care
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      Auromere Exfoliating Ayurvedic Formula Face Wash Gentle on delicate facial skin, and yet deeply cleans, clearing away dead skin cells, excess oils and impurities.Leaves skin feeling silky soft, wonderfully fresh, and invigorated.Rich in antioxidants, minerals and micro nutrients.Potent blend of 13 ayurvedic herbs with red clay and natural fullers.

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