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PediFix toe straightener, Model : P55, Foot Care
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Pedifix Toe Straightener, Model : P55 - 1 Ea

PediFix Toe Straightener protects ball of foot with soft cushion and reduces rubbing between toes.


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PediFix toe straightener, Model : P55 - 1 ea

eases pain by separating and straightening crooked, broken and/or hammer toes. This slip-on cushion features an adjustable loop that gently encourages proper toe alignment while a soft, double-layer pad comforts the ball-of-foot area. Interchangeable for left or right foot. Fits comfortably in shoes and reduces rubbing between toes. Holds hammer toe in normal position. Helps keep toes flexible. Protects ball of foot with soft cushion. Washable and reusable.

Slip Toe Straightener's elastic loop over crooked toe. Gently pull loose end of strap until toe is properly aligned. Pull on hosiery carefully and readjust product as necessary. For best results, do not wear shoes that compress toes together. If desired, strap may be trimmed with scissors for a custom fit. Take care when removing product from foot, so that band does not slip out of insertion slot and eliminate loop.

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