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Cushioned Nail Board For Artificial Nails, Manicure & Pedicure

Cushioned Nail Board For Artificial Nails - 2 / Pack, 6 Ea

Generic: Nail Board. They always look great.

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    Cushioned Nail Board For Artificial Nails are very popular for people of all ages, especially for people who have trouble growing their own nails or nailbiters who want to stop biting their nails. They always look great. The polish stays 2 - 3 weeks without chipping and you won't have to hide your hands wherever you go. What a great relief for busy people! You just have to get your artificial nails refilled and maintained every 2 or 3 weeks.

    • If applied and removed correctly, artificial nails do little damage to your nails.
    • They won't improve your natural nails or make them healthier.
    • Your own nails will always grow back in the same condition they were in before the artificial nails were applied.
    • You can shape these prepainted nails to the length and style you desire and no one will know they are not your natural nails.
    • They can be worn for everyday beauty or brought out for those special occasions.
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