NeilMed Ear Spin Safe, Ear Cleaning Tool - 4 ea

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NeilMed Ear Spin Safe, Ear Cleaning Tool

  • Doctor Developed
  • Soft and Flexible
  • Multi-Use
  • 4 Spin-Safe Ear Cleaning Tools

Helps: Wax Build Up, Itching, Blockage, Water Extraction, Exfoliation

Includes 4 Shapes: Coil, Gentlest Tool and Water Extractor, Bristle, Itch Buster and Debris Collector, Screw Debris Collector, Club, Exfoliator and Debris Dislodger

Intended for ear hygiene: cleaning of debris, itch relief, exfoliation, water extraction, and superficial wax around the ear and outer ear canal. Daily or less frequent use may be beneficial.

For use in the ear only. When using for the first time, begin with the Coil tool. Grasp tool comfortably between thumb, index and middle fingers. Direct toward ear. Gently advance tool toward the ear canal and spin tool continuously - slowly advancing into the outer portion of canal. Rotate in one direction per insertion. For additional extraction, try the Bristle, Screw, or Club tools. Back end of tools has scoops and loops to assist with debris removal. Clean ear tools and immerse in alcohol.

Non-sterile. Repeat use may introduce contamination and lead to infection or ear damage. Sterilize with alcohol and thoroughly clean all surfaces if used for multiple insertions.

Discontinue use if you experience pain, plugging, pressure, hearing loss, congestion, or bleeding. Contact your local physician. Ear cleaning tools should not be used in the following situations without physician supervision:

  • Children under 12 years of age
  • Individuals with otitis or other ear infections
  • Individuals with current or previous perforated eardrums
  • Individuals who have had mastoid surgery
  • Individuals with tubes in their ears

Individuals suffering from Menieres Syndrome or experiencing any form of dizziness, vertigo, hardness of hearing or other ear problems

For the purpose of removing ear wax

Do not poke or jab into ear. Do not forcibly advance. Not for deep canal insertion. Each persons requirements may vary. Check with our physician. Impacted ear wax should be removed by a health care professional.

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