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Bob Barefoot Coral Calcium Supreme 1000mg Capsules

100 % pure marine coral. From Okinawa, Japan. Contains 75 trace minerals. Coral Calcium Supreme is of the highest grade marine coral available combined with the power of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, and 400 mcg of folates. The calcium to magnesium ratio is a biologically perfect 2:1 and contains 75 trace minerals. This coral was collected with ecological safety. Coral calcium is an amazing natural element and is prescribed by many doctors in many countries.

  • Coral Calcium Supreme is made using only the highest grade marine coral, and it contains 75 trace minerals in addition to the listed vitamins.
  • Bobs Best Coral Calcium Supreme is made up of Okinawan coral, which is uniquely equipped to help you digest calcium and a number of other nutrients.
  • It also carries the right ratio of calcium to magnesium, which is two to one.
  • In addition, it offers a more cost-effective way to supplement your diet with calcium when compared with other products that are less absorbable and made by man. By supplementing your diet with Bobs Best Coral Calcium, you wont need to take as much of the product as you would if you were taking another product that is more difficult for your body to absorb.
  • Bobs Best Coral Calcium also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12, as well as 400 micrograms of foliates.
  • Bobs Best Coral Calcium Supreme contains no mercury, lead, or PCBs and is made entirely from natural coral instead of artificial ingredients.

It is recommended that patients take three capsules of this product per day to help achieve and maintain their good health.

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Great way to get tiger balm sprays they are hard to find at stores

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Excellent service, fast and very accurate. Congratulations.

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