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True-Dose Gel Fresh For Dogs and Cats, Pet Care

True-Dose Gel Fresh For Dogs And Cats - 2 Oz

Helps to cleans teeth and fights bad breath.

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    • Reduces plaque
    • Improves the health
    • Mint Flavor
    True-Dose Gel Fresh For Dogs and Cats
    • Bacteria attach and build on teeth over time and cause dental plaque and gum issues.
    • Poor teeth and gums begin to compromise and jeopardize the overall health of dogs and cats.
    • Now can provide oral health care and reduce the dangers associated with plaque with true-dose sea fresh.
    • Our natural ingredients include a proprietary blend of algae that is rich in facans, fucus vesiculosus, along with finely ground oyster shells that have clinically demonstrated the ability to effectively reduce dental plaque and tartar which cause bad breath.
    Sea fresh key success factors include:
    • Fucus vesiculosus breaks down and loosens bacteria.
    • This is a completely natural ingredient and is harvested year round from the atlantic ocean.
    • It is well known for its anti bacteria properties and has proven to slow down and eliminate the invasion of bacteria.
    • It has tremendous value with the function of softening dental plaque and tartar on teeth.
    • Brown kelp and oyster shell removes and prevents tartar and plaque.
    • This is the second important component and is also a completely natural element that is harvested from the atlantic ocean.
    • The brown kelp and oyster shell are ground to a fine powder that has a unique mechanism of action that helps remove the loosened bacteria and tartar and will adhere to the teeth to reduce future build up and bad breath.

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    • Just sprinkle a small amount on pet's food using the pre measured scoop.
    • Because it has a naturally occurring flavor that cats and dogs love, it is very palatable for pets on a daily basis.
    • Dental care is a top focus of veterinarians because it can lead to so many other complications associated with pet health.
    • It is difficult to maintain good dental care for pets since brushing is often not an option.
    • Deep dental cleaning by a veterinarian is effective but can be traumatic for pets to be put under anesthesia and is very expensive.
    • Sea Fresh is an easy alternative to clean teeth and to fight bad breath.

    Please read all label information carefully on delivery and prior to use.

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