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Anutra Omega-3s Antioxidants Whole Grain, Condition Specific Supplements

Anutra Omega-3S Antioxidants Whole Grain - 16 Oz

Provides the highest and safest natural source.

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    • Complete protein
    • Dietary supplement
    • Better than fish oil
    Anutra Omega-3s Antioxidants Whole Grain
    • Anutra omega-3s antioxidants whole grain is a non-gmo dietary supplement.
    • Anutra omega-3s antioxidants whole grain provides the highest and safest natural source of omega-3.
    • Anutra omega-3s antioxidants whole grain is gluten free.
    • Anutra omega-3s antioxidants whole grain is the worlds best whole food.
    • Anutra has 50% more usable protein than flax
    • 70% more fiber than flax
    • Comparable protein to fish, beef, chicken or pork
    • 6X more calcium than milk
    • More antioxidents than cultivated blueberries
    • Anutra has a neutral taste and digests beautifullY with no side effects like fish oil and flax
    • Anutra (Salvia hispanica L.) is FDA classifed as a regular food
    • Fish oil and flax are not
    • Anutra has a unique gelling property that works well in recipes
    • Anutra contains L Arginine- a vasodilator that reduces blood pressure
    • Anutra contains phyto-tryptophan that reduces appetite
    • Anutra produces tailor made DHA & EPA unlike fish oil or algae
    • Anutra regenerates healthier cells
    • Anutra is the worlds most sustainable source of Omega-3s
    • 2 and half Table spoon daily.
    • Add ground Anutra into your favorite beverages, cereals, yogurt, salads and more.
    • Use ground anutra or gel in recipes.
    • Always drink plenty of water to ensure full benefits from anutra.

    Best refrigerated after opening.

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