RevitaLens ocutec Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution, Eye and Ear Medications

Revitalens Ocutec Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution - 2 Oz, 2 Ea

Conditions the lenses to maintain surface moisture.

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    RevitaLens Ocutec
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    • End of day comfort
    • Rinses lenses
    • Travel size
    RevitaLens ocutec Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution
    • Includes:Two 2 oz (60mL) bottles sterile.
    • Trial and travel size.
    • Meets air travel carry-on requirements.
    • Formulated for soft contact lenses:
    • Cleans
    • Rinses
    • Disinfects
    • Stores
    • Removes protein
    • Conditions
    • RevitaLens ocutec multi-purpose disinfecting solution delivers comfort and disinfection for soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses.
    • The ocutec activity delivers effective cleaning and robust dual-disinfection and removes protein and other deposits that commonly accumulate during lens wear - a clean lens is a comfortable lens.
    • RevitaLens ocutec MPDS with its advanced technology:
    • Delivers brilliantly clean and clear contact lenses.
    • Conditions the lenses to maintain surface moisture.
    • Provides clearer vision and increases end of day comfort.
    • Provides safe storage up to 30 days.

    Please Read Item Label and Packaging for Recent Product Information.

    • When insert lenses:
    • Wash hands with soap and water and dry with a lint-free towel prior to handling your lenses.
    • Prior to reapplying lenses, rinse each side of the lens for 5 seconds with fresh revitaLens ocuTec Solution to remove any debris on the lens.
    • Rub, rinse and soak for effective disinfection.
    • When remove lenses:
    • Wash hands with soap and water and dry with a lint-free towel prior to handling lenses.
    • Place 3 or more drops of RevitaLens OcuTec Solution on one side of the lens surface.
    • Rub lens gently from the center to the edges for at least 2-4 seconds (never rub in a circular motion, because it may tear the lens and not clean the outer edge surface).
    • Turn the lens over and repeat steps 2 and 3.
    • Rinse each side of the lens for 5 seconds with fresh RevitaLens OcuTec Solution.
    • Place lenses in clean lens case and fill with RevitaLens OcuTec Solution. Close lens case tightly.
    • Soak - allow lenses to soak for a minimum of six (6) hours for disinfection, cleaning, and protein removal.
    • Caring for lens case:
    • Always rinse lens case daily with fresh revitaLens ocutec solution and let it air dry.
    • Never use tap water.
    • Never re-use solution.
    • Replace lens case every 1-3 months.
    • Donot forget the following guidelines on how best to take care of lenses:
    • Follow eye care professional's instructions.
    • Always wash hands before handling lenses.
    • Run, rinse, and disinfect your lenses each time remove them.
    • Always handle the same lens, the right or the left, first, in order to avoid mix-ups.
    • Do not expose lenses or lens case to tap water, bottled water, distilled water, lake water, or ocean water.
    • Do not use saliva or put lenses in your mouth to rewet.
    • Do not swim, shower, or use a hot tub while wearing soft contact lenses.
    • Do not wear lenses longer than prescribed.
    • Do not transfer contact lens solution into smaller travel-size containers.
    • The sterility of the solution will be impacted and can lead to serious eye infections.
    • Discard any lens that is damaged or dehydrated.
    • Avoid using aerosols when wearing contact lenses.
    • Discard any remaining solution in your lens case before disinfecting your lenses again.
    • See insert for full instructions and safety information.
    • If are allergic to any ingredient in this product, do not use.
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    Mary Janssen

    This product truly make my contacts comfortable and long lasting.

    My eyes feel comfortable when i use this disinfecting solution to clean my contacts. It has eliminated all issues with eye redness and sensitivity. It moisturizes my contacts very well. This is the best product i have ever used. I am very happy with the performance of this product.