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Silarx Aqueous Vitamin D Oral Drops - 50 Ml

For strong bones and teeth.

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    • Helpstostabilizecellmembranes
    • Regulatesoxidationreactionsinthebody

    Silarx Aqueous Vitamin D Oral Drops

    • Aqueous Vitamin D Supplement Drops 400 IU/mL. Essential for all breastfed infants.
    • Vitamin D Drops provide essential vitamin that helps your baby's body absorb calcium for strong bones and teeth. It also complements your breast milk to help provide optimal nutrition for your baby.
    • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends using a vitamin D supplement for exclusively and partially breastfed babies because of the low average levels of vitamin D in breast milk.
    • Sugar free. Lactose free. Gluten free.

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