E-Cloth Bathroom Pack Cleaning For All Hard Surfaces, Chemical Free - 2 Ea

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E-Cloth Bathroom Pack cleaning For All Hard Surfaces, Chemical Free

It is the ultimate cleaning solution for your bathroom. From baths to mirrors to taps it provides everything you need to clean your bathroom and give it a sparkling finish. Clean your bathroom the eco-friendly way with the E-cloth Bathroom Pack! Ideal for cleaning wet areas, the Bathroom Pack uses just water to give a deep, sparkling clean by breaking up and holding grease, dirt, soap scum and water marks, which ordinary cloths may leave behind. Removes dirt and grease.

The Bathroom Cloths longer and thicker fibres give it exceptional cleaning power and high absorbency, to clean wet areas around sinks, baths and showers. Use regularly to prevent the build-up of limescale. Where there is a substantial build-up, the use of a proprietary cleaner may be necessary.

The Sponge Cloth can be used damp or dry. If surface is already wet, use dry wiping the wet surface, otherwise wet thoroughly and wring out excess water and wipe surface to be cleaned. For heavier dirt, initially use wet before finishing damp. Finish wiping with dry Glass & Polishing Cloth. The Glass & Polishing Cloth (use dry) for cleaning light dirt and grease from windows, mirrors, chrome, and tile. Spray water onto surface, fold into a pad and wipe. For best results, use the cloths in combination. Regular use of E-cloths will be a significant help in reducing lime scale and water mark build up. A quick wipe after each bath or shower will help to keep baths, glass and tiles clean.

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