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Zand Zumka herbalozenge, Condition Specific Supplements

Zand Zumka Herbalozenge, Homeopathic Lozenges - 15 Ea

Support upper respiratory health and soothe the throat.






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    • Support upper respiratory health.
    • Cherry menthol flavor.
    • Homeopathic lozenges.
    Zand Zumka herbalozenge, Homeopathic lonzenges
    • Zand Zumka Herbalozenge cough drops contain a homeopathically prepared tincture of Pelargonium sidoides, also known as Umckaloabo.
    • Traditionally used by the Zulu and other South African tribes to support upper respiratory health and soothe the throat.
    • This unique herbal tincture, accompanied by Menthol and Zands traditional blend of soothing herbal extracts provide fast-acting respiratory, cough and sore throat relief.
    • ZandHerbalozenge cough drops have been specially sweetened with only natural brown rice syrup, making these lozenges free from simple or refined sugars, incuding corn syrup, sucrose or cane sugar.
    • You can enjoy the natural benefits of Zandherbal lozenges without concern over artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.
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