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Animal rescue formula supplement spray by Flower Essence,Homeopathic Remedies

Animal Rescue Formula Supplement Spray By Flower Essence - 1 Oz

Any animal being adopted into a new home, or being given a new guardian or caretaker.






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    • Herbal Supplement
    • Animal Rescue Formula
    Animal rescue formula supplement spray by Flower Essence

    The Animal Rescue Formula (ARF) features:

    Arnica - Recovery from shock and trauma - embodiment and integration of energy bodies with the physical body following disruption and disassociation.

    Bleeding Heart - To help heal abandonment and separation; to facilitate new bonding and connection following displacement.

    Echinacea - To restore wholeness and dignity by rejuvenating the core immune system and sense of identity.

    Fireweed - Recovery of vital forces following devastation, trauma, and injury.

    Oregon Grape - To restore trust when violent, abusive or degrading circumstances have created defensive barriers.

    Poison Oak - To restore capacity to be touched and natural vulnerability; to heal boundary or skin issues due to hyper-defensiveness and prior trauma.

    Five-Flower Formula - Fundamental composite formula developed by Dr. Bach to provide relief in all rescue and recovery situations.

    Holly - To encourage and restore basic loving impulses, bonding and connection; to facilitate heart-based relationships based upon trust.

    Mariposa Lily - To provide mothering comfort and nurturing forces for abandoned or abused animals; to restore mothering instincts to female animals.

    Red Clover - To help calm the heart and blood matrix; to ease anxiety or tendency to panic.

    Sweet Pea - To instill new bonding and territorial instincts following displacement and abandonment.

    Wild Rose - To bring new joy for life and will to live despite prior challenging circumstances.

    • For any abandoned animal, whether feral or residing in a relief shelter.
    • Any animal being adopted into a new home, or being given a new guardian or caretaker.
    • For loss of the primary caretaker due to death, divorce or changes in the family system.
    • The Anima Relief Formula was originally developed by FES-certified practitioner and animal communicator, Theresa Wagner.
    • During any time of significant travel or re-location to a new home or living space.
    • For any animal with a prior history of physical abuse, torture or abandonment.
    • For performance or work animals who are exploited, or valued only for monetary worth or reproduction value.
    • During times of prolonged illness, or extensive surgery; can be used in tandem or alternation with Magenta Self-Healer.
    • For any time of pronounced stress in the animal - such as the prolonged absence of the primary caretaker or environmental disruption due to any natural disaster. Can be used in alternation or in tandem with Post-Trauma Stabilizer.

    Please Read Item Label and Packaging for Recent Product Information.

    Spray four times daily in mouth or around body.

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