NeilMed Sinuflo sinus ready rinse, Cough, Cold and Sinus.

Neilmed Sinuflo Ready Rinse, Ready To Use - 16 Oz

Relieves allergies and sinus symptoms and to help moisturize nasal passages.

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    NeilMed Sinus Rinse
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    NeilMed Sinuflo sinus ready rinse, 16 oz
    • Moisturizes nasal passages
    • pH balanced formula
    • No burning or stinging

    For seasonal wellness, try NeilMed SinuFlo Ready Rinse! This nasal rinse can be used up to twice a day to help moisturize nasal passages. This formula delivers large volume and low pressure.


    Step 1:

    Please wash your hands. Remove cap and safety seal from bottle. You may warm the solution in a microwave. We recommend that you warm it in increments of five seconds. This is to avoid excessive heating of the water and damage to the device or scalding your nasal passage.

    Step 2:

    Assemble black dome cap and tube, then tighten the cap and tube on the bottle securely.

    Step 3:

    Standing in front of a sink, bend forward to your comfort level and tilt your head straight down. Keeping your mouth open without holding your breath, place cap snugly against your nasal passage and SQUEEZE BOTTLE GENTLY until the solution starts draining from the OPPOSITE nasal passage or from your mouth. Keep squeezing the bottle GENTLY until at least 1/4 to 1/2 (60 mL/2oz to 120 mL/4oz) of the bottle is used for a proper rinse. Do not swallow the solution.

    Step 4:

    Blow your nose gently, without pinching your nose completely because this will apply pressure on the eardrums. If tolerable, sniff in any residual solution remaining in the nasal passage once or twice prior to blowing the nose as this may clean out the posterior nasopharyngeal area (the area at the back of your nasal passage). Some solution will reach the back of the throat, so please spit it out. To help improve drainage of any residual solution, blow your nose gently while tilting your head to the opposite side of the nasal passage that you just rinsed. Now repeat steps 2 & 3 for your other nasal passage.


    DO NOT RINSE IF NASAL PASSAGE IS COMPLETELY BLOCKED OR IF YOU HAVE AN EAR INFECTION OR BLOCKED EARS. If you have had ear surgery, please contact your physician prior to irrigation. If you experience any pressure in the ears, stop the rinse and get further directions from your physician or contact our office during regular business hours. Do not rinse if your nasal passage is completely blocked, however, you may rinse with a partially blocked nasal passage. You may also consider discussing the use of Sinuflo� ReadyRinse� with your doctor. Sinuflo� ReadyRinse� bottle and mixture are to be used only for nasal irrigation. Please do not use for any other purposes. Please rinse ONE HOUR PRIOR to bedtime, in order to avoid any residual solution dripping in the throat. We strongly advise against the use of our kit by children or adults who have reduced comprehension. Patients who are unable to stand up or bend near the sink SHOULD NOT use this product. We advise you NOT to use this kit on patients who are bed bound or severely debilitated. Adults need to understand the procedure first before using it on their children. We recommend that you use this product only on children who are above five years of age. The procedure is the same for all ages. If your child is less than five years old, you should consult your child�s physician before using this product.

    CAUTION: Rinsing your nasal passages with only PLAIN WATER will result in a severe burning sensation. Please do not rinse with plain water.

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