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Aosept clear care cleaner & disinfectant solution for contact lens , Contact Lens Care

Aosept Clear Care Cleaner And Disinfectant Solution For Contact Lens - 12 Oz

Daily cleaner removes debris and lens deposits.






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  • Aosept Clear Care Cleaner & Disinfectant Solution is Kills germs that can cause eye infection.
  • MiraFlow Extra-Strength Daily cleaner removes debris and lens deposits.
  • CIBA Vision Cleaner may also be used.
  • Aosept Clear Care Cleaner & Disinfectant Solution is a SoftWear Saline is specially formulated for sensitive eyes.
  • Aosept Clear Care Cleaner & Disinfectant Solution for:
    • Cleaning
    • Disinfecting
    • Removing Protein
    • Includes Free Lens Case.

  • Aosept Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution simultaneously cleans, disinfects and even removes protein deposits right in the case
  • CIBA Vision is a leader in contact lenses and lens care.

    Sterile Ophthalmic SOLolution : Microfiltered Hydrogen Peroxide 3%;Sodium Chloride 0. 85% Stabilized With Phosphonic Acid;Buffered With Phosphates.

  • Clean: Use a daily cleaner such as MiraFlow Extra-Strength Daily Cleaner.
  • Rinse: rinse daily cleaner away with a saline such as SoftWear Saline.
  • Disinfect/Neutralize: Use AOSEPT Disinfectant, AODISC Neutralizer, and AOSEPT lens Cup for disinfection and neutralization. Rinse lenses with fresh saline before putting them on.

  • Red Tip Indicates Do Not Put Aosept Disinfectant That Has Not Been Neutralized Into Your Eye.
  • Place lens on your eye only after neutralizing the AOSEPT Disinfectant and rinsing your lenses thoroughly with sterile saline solution.
  • Should AOSEPT Disinfectant get into your eye.
  • Remove Your Lens Immediately, Flush (Wash) Your Eye With Water Or Saline For Several Minutes.
  • If burning and/or irritation persists, seek assistance from and eye care professional. Keep out of reach of children.

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